Boycott Montenegro
Visit Montenegro?

Do Not Spend Money in Montenegrin Owned Businesses This Summer

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 Montenegro is a beautiful country of dramatic coastlines, beaches, majestic mountains and a picturesque countryside. It has even been referred to as the hidden gem of Europe. Look deeper into this "gem" and you will see organized crime, large scale corruption, ethnic discrimination, injustice, and inequality. Political organized crime that shouts "democracy" while standing on its communist  foundation of the 1980's.  This democracy is a marketing ploy aimed at getting tourist revenue. Step out of line and you may meet the same fate as others. The German hikers who veered off the trail and were beaten by police/military for being in an "unauthorized" area. The American fisherman whom were fishing a little too late and robbed for money and equipment by police/military. The speed traps aimed at tourist whom have to fork over money to police/military or spend the night in jail for speeding. The Americans who had an argument with police and ended up being charged with "terrorism" and spent years in prison. The tourist get to go back home, the people who live here have nowhere to go. Please keep this in mind before visiting Montenegro.

 Minorities and the indigenous people, the Albanians, suffer everyday from their Slavic "rulers". These people pay their taxes, work their land, and obey the laws. The government is trying to ethnically cleanse the Albanians by forcing them out of the country. In the few areas they inhibit, the Albanians must build their own schools because the government refuses to, but are not allowed to learn their own history. They must build their own roads and even provide their own street lighting in some cases. All the while, Montenegrin neighborhoods are reaping the tourism dollars, Ex: state of the art schools, new roads, landscaped streets, infrastructure upgrades etc. etc. etc. Right now laws and loopholes are being created for the government to confiscate their lands. Lands have been in the same family for hundreds of years. Click here for an news article regarding this issue Maybe even your land?
Now another new law has been created to put down the Albanian.
Anyone portraying or bearing an Albanian flag will receive up to 60 days in prison! The Albanian "flag" is a symbol of identity and tradition not a criminal offense. This is the breaking point! We will not stand for this anymore! What will the next law be? Go to prison if you are not of the "supreme" Montenegrin origin? As this website was created we had to take serious privacy precautions for fear of violent retaliation from this oppressive criminal government.

 Please support this boycott wholeheartedly. Let Montenegro know that the people of this world will not support discrimination, inequality and any form of ethnic cleansing. Do not support the economy of an unjust government and unjust people. If you do visit Montenegro Do NOT spend your money in Montenegrin owned businesses. When Montenegro decides to treat all people equally  then we will discuss lifting this boycott.